Friday, December 11, 2009

A Conversation with Talented Make Up Artist Lucy Bridge!

I got to know Lucy while working on The Secret Garden with dear photographer Saga Sig. She is one of the up and coming artists that I am very excited to watch, she is a huge talent (together with a Ton Of Personal Style) to keep track of. Here are some questions I have been longing to have answered from this darling! Enjoy.
Please let me know where you grew up and about your surroundings as a Child/ Teen!
I was a bit of a country-bump-kin as a child, but I was always in search of the big city. I am an only child who lived with my mum and dad in a small village called Brindle in the North of England. I went to private school for all of life until I moved to Manchester to study Make Up.

What were your inspirations?
Everything. On a day to day basis I can find anything to inspire me. Friends, Socialising, Reading magazines, Bus Trips looking out the windows, Exhibitions, Art, Fashion, Other make up artists, My imagination.

What made you want to become a Make Up Artist?
Ever since I was younger I wanted to be a make up artist. I never really knew why as I wasn’t the best at art but it was always something I said when people asked me what I wanted to be. Other than that I always said I wanted to be a marine biologist but I wasn’t good at biology so that was never going to work. I really liked the idea of using peoples faces in order to produce my art. And if it ever went wrong, the art of using make up is that is can be washed clean and started again.

Where did you study?
Manchester City College for 2 years. I studied a range of different subjects. Make Up, Hairdressing, SFX, Casting and Moulding, Physiology, Business Studies, Wig Making and Body Art.

As an up and coming artist in the make up world, what are your visions/dreams?
My dreams are to be gracing the pages of Vogue & Italian Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Wonderland, 10 Magazines and Catwalk Shows. I want to a successful makeup artist in the fashion industry.
I want to network and work with talented photographers, stylists, designers and other make up artists.
I’d love to travel to places such as New York, Paris and Australia.

Whom have you worked with? Did you assist a make up artist or did you start your own work right after school?
I have worked with a few make up artists such as assisting Yin Lee and Barrie Griffiths. These were really good learning opportunities from which I have taken on board a lot of things that I would never of thought of. It’s really good to watch how make up artists who are working within the industry work, that has been very helpful. This is something that I would love to continue doing as I’m still in the early stages of my career.
After make up school I did start working on my own. This gave me a good chance to network and become aware of people within the industry that I want to work.

What are you passionate about?
Family, Friends, Make Up, Fashion, London, New York, Learning, Working.
Favorite: color? designer? hero? musician? artist? memory?
Colour – Pastel Green
Designer – John Galliano/Alexander McQueen
Hero – Coco Chanel
Musician – Dionne Bromfield/Rancid
Artist – Val Garland/Alex Box
Memory – Moving to London. Getting into i-D Magazine.

Tim Walker scouted you on a bus...!!! Tell me about your collaboration you had together!
He was amazing. He spotted me on a bus last Christmas and it all went from there. We collaborated together for i-D Magazine which came out in August 09. He was truly the best person I have worked with along with his boyfriend and co-worker, stylist Jacob K. It was so surreal and from this moment I really do believe you have to be in the right place at the right time for your dreams to happen.
For a young teen who dreams of entering the world of Make Up, what advice would you give?
Networking is Key. Try and do as many shoots as possible with other talented people in order to build up your portfolio. Practice Practice Practice. Let nothing and no one stand in your way.

You and I will collaborate together soon:) other than that, do you have any other exciting things coming up?
I have just done a shoot for Vision working alongside Maria Ziegelboeck and Yasuhiro Takehisa. This was fun as it was another modeling opportunity instead of make up.
Also this weekend I am doing a shoot with Cameron Smith for Dazed Digital and also working with Dimitris Theocharis in the New Year.
I have also started working with MAC which is taking up most my time and this has been a dream of mine for a few years now. It is something I really enjoy and that I am learning a lot from.
I’d love to continue doing shoots to build up my portfolio and assist more make up artists in the future. I’d love to move to New York for 3 months next year in order to work and create a network over there.

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Dear Lucy: thank you so much for your time and wonderful answers! Hope to see you/ work with you soon.

Much Love to You
Lindha Portman Sagum
(Images are from Lucy's Website and shot by Tim Walker, styled by Jacob K and Lucy herself being the model and make up artist)

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