Sunday, September 19, 2010

Diary 45: London Fashion Week Random Pictures and Me

First 3 days. Will blog some wonders that I have found so far later on today!

Images top to bottom: 1-3 me day 1 wearing a Malene Birger blouse. Stella McCartney for The Gap blazer. Gucci bag. Top Shop skirt. Beyond Retro bow belt. Fogal stockings. Office heels. 4 this man is at every single fashion week ( I did see him at Stockholm's fashion week a couple of years ago for ex.) and I have no idea who he is. Always true to his own style though. Correction..: Thanks to my Lovely Reader K. I now know who this gentleman is... a Mr. James Goldstein 5& 6 the Lovely Wonderfully Lucy Bridge. Saw her on a distance and I just have to smile b/c she is SO cute and adorably kind and nice. Can't wait to work with her soon again. She had just done make up for a show when I met her. 7 My assistant Kathryn whom is helping me this week. Especially with photos. And just by being here for support and to have fun of course:) 8 Inside the Top Shop tent where they support young talent. This wall is full of post card as created by the various designers. 9 This season's "fashion week" bag as created by Mulberry this time. Very Cute. 10 & 11 a Taste of the event held by Neon O'Clock Works (sayaka and tomi). This will get its own post later today. I will say this, it was the most wonderful thing I have seen in a long time. Such talented people were present/ performing at this show. 12 me Day 2. In a Chanel blouse. Beyond Retro belt and same Top Shop skirt. 13 Day 2 and my breakfast. Trying to plan the day ahead but too my Sunday. 14 A very stylish girl outside the tent by Somerset House. 15 Me day 2. Jacket from Beyond Retro and the same as in image 12. 16 A cafe for the fashion people inside Somerset House. Wonderfully Yummy. 17& 18 Today's outfit. Beyond Retro lilac dress and bow belt. Top Shop coat. Fogal stockings. French Sole ballerinas. Bottega Veneta sunnies. xoxo/ alice


K. said...

The mistery man is James Goldstein, who is a multimillionaire and fashion fanatic:)

Alice Saga said...

thanks So Much dear:)/x

Alice Saga said...

Please DO let me know if I can link to you somehow:)