Saturday, June 30, 2007

Look at Her!!

so young, innocent and fresh.

Petit Magazine

I will be doing a childrens story on the 7th of July with photographer Lena Modigh. The girl's name i am styling, is Tilda. A Cutie.

here she is with some of my planned outfits for her.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Peter Blake

reference i got from Mr.Vallin.

Meetings and Destinys!!!

A while ago a WONDERFUL girl, Erika found me on MySpace. We met up and fell in love. This is Erika has an equally wonderfull boyfriend, Martin, whom i met a while ago at a bar in sthlm. He's a photographer, and i had a wonderful meeting today. He is one of those inspiring people who wants so much. A philosopher, i would think even more than myself (considering he studied the subject...).

i got to borrow the Qui etes-vous Polly Maggo and a book: Unseen Vogue. Not only that, he also made me a cd with wonderfully inspirational fashion movies and pictures. Dear Martin Vallin: Thank you!!!! you actaully made my day. I had a horrible bad thursday, and was really tired even today, BUT when i came to your studio, it just changed.

here is another version of Alice that i got from him.

one thing brings you another, is that not right? thank you god.


Thursday, June 28, 2007


for me and lowe...

Lowe bought these books by David Hamilton. AND I LOVE this photographer. Inspirations for me and my dear....




Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The New Natalia!!!

Siri. She is in the new issue of Italian Vouge. AND with Next in London.


July American Vogue.

has a story with my favorite model: Natalia Vodianova and her Husband Justin Portman. I myself styled a story with mimi lombardo for the times a few years ago. I'll include a couple of pictures from that.


Yvan Shoot for Modette

is out now. Photographer Jenny Lexander. Stylist me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sahara Hotnights

Maria IS the girl!!!! she is just so cool. I just bought their new CD AND her voice is just IT.

for you to listen at youtube:

They are DEAD ON.

Wyndham Hotel

made feel at home in london.


i just talked about Lowe!!! i have a second dear, but this one lives in New York. His Name is Peter. He is someone I too trust 180% or even MORE. I love him..... We actually met on midsummer night in New York, we saw eachother At Once and When his name was Peter, I was done. I told him, that if I had been born a boy, My name would have been Peter (hihi). Since that day we have been CLOSE. we just have THAT.

I came home from London this afternoon and found out that he had bought me a book and sent over it to me. It's called: The Annotated Alice, By Lewis Carrol.

Warmness it what I felt and just SO blessed. Just BLESSED. it almost makes me cry. Why do i deserve it all????


Monday, June 25, 2007

The Muse AND Artist!!!

The work between me and Polina Barsky WILL be featured in 156 Magazine.


Isabella Blow

this is our homage to isabella blow. To her eccentric beauty and wit. It will show the dark melancolic side of her and how she transforms to an angel.

the day was full of fun though. First picture, me and model hannah from next. such a cute and great model. Then: Jon having fun with THE umbrella.


more of isabella shoot