Tuesday, June 11, 2019


hey lovely dears adorable readers:)

this morning i was listening to this podcast wonderful as ever as created by the adorable rich roll
 (my second fave podcast next to krista tippett and her onbeing). 
something that stuck with me was this:

to be a master in pursuit of mastery

how i have contemplated on this today
this will be my new daily intention 
to be the master in pursuit of mastery 
of my art 
of my creations
 of my way of living
to be my life's journey and joy
 there will never be an end to this pursuit
there will always be purpose
not only to master the pursuit of mastery 
to always share more beautiful work with this universe
to serve a common good through my art

it fulfills me in such many ways
shall i count them to you?🌸

my mentor helen has told me about this wonderful field in epping for about one year:))) the other day i found it
 (not that i have looked that carefully 
which i should have done since 
whatever helen recommends should be my command😊)

years ago i found this vintage dress at beyond retro and i knew it was meant for me creating with it somewhere.
how it did fit here in epping forest
it was windy but a perfect sunrise morning
me and nature

the goddess of sweetness
alice saga

another version
in color
alice saga

i did create 38 images to be sure to find one i liked
i ended up liking half of them:)))
here is another image i might work on this week💕

summer is flourishing here in epping
i mean the rain is crazy but inbetween it makes the nature blossom so beautifully

an epping little garden blossoming

to love the blooming sweetness of today

wild flowers in epping forest close to where i created the above self-portait

i try to create an artist date each week,
 ( i am doing the artist way by julia cameron thing)
 last week i went back to a fave place of mine
wallace museum
it's such a cultivating a blooming sweetness of ones moments🌸

the swing by fragonard
the swing
oh how i wanna be able to paint like this dream

beauty by francois boucher
francois boucher

me today in a ballerina bun
paul & joe sister
butterfly dress
paul & joe sister

on sunday's 
my art creation table
 becomes my reading table

the four agreements
for my life
i can not recommend reading it more highly
yes the baby up to the left
 is me 
my beloved grandfather💜💜💜 

for life 
for gratitude
 to make life more joyful
love the blooming sweetness of today
nourish you moments

 faith hope love
alice saga

Tuesday, June 04, 2019


hey beautiful creatures💜

how are you all? i hope you have had a lovely week.

before i go on with my planned thoughts for this blogpost; 
i need to acknowledge a little sad thing 

my grandfather's little brother passed away yesterday after such suffering. 
we all adored this little brother
 and to me he was the last part of my grandfather in this material world.
 see my grandfather was like a father to me and he sooo loved adored his little brother.
 so sad. 
i hope hope hope that is really true that they now get to meet. 
i just wish i knew this to be true,
 i want and need to be certain.
on another good note
yesterday was the existence of a new moon 
which means we can set new 
intentions dreams goals wishes plans actions habits
 you name it in to play:)))
a main intention of mine is daily fine art photography creation
to focus more on my ballet training 
and try to be a better student at 
my stretch and define class here in epping
another intention
 is to edit my flat 
to just keep the most beautiful and/ or useful things😊
to be very intentional in nourishing my moments
my love jenny gave me the info to this lady
here are some 
thoughts of hers for a new moon ritual 
and such things

since coming home from my vacation my creativity has continued.
 i created this 2 day's ago.
the prairie flowery woman
whose job is to nourishing the planet
moment by moment
alice saga
she wishes to nourish all sadness in this world
alice saga
dress from ele story
flowers from freddies flowers
this is me before shooting my creation:
the nun that feeds of the wisdom of the trees
nun dress from ann.tique

one closeup and another image from lightroom that i am to edit
alice saga
again bonnet created by starlite robinson on etsy
alice saga

are the ones i used for in my prairie flowery woman self-portrait
my art table is again such a mess...!!!

epping beginning of summer beauty

for a long time i have been planning to create my own bible by re-doing an old style victorian bible. and then i heard about ralph waldo emerson journals about making your own bible. how special. for everyone to create their own bible filled with beauty bible quotes poetry prose that feels special to specifically you and then have it as a tool to sustain oneself, to nourish oneself🌸

i am so sorry, i can not find the website where i screen grabbed this.
inspiration for this week is the magic photography 
i am now to shoot some fine art with my flowers i used for the flowery maiden shoot from freddies flowers. then i am to set my intentions filled with my wishes for the coming month.

much love to you all
alice saga

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


this lovely little village of avignon is such a treat
such easiness to nourish every moment of ones day

i got back from my wonderful vacation where i stayed in an airbnb flat from a thierry et nadia:) i had about 10 magic days. i loved the village i loved my flat my outdoors where i had tea most mornings. i loved doing my morning walks, taking walks to avignon to take a peek at some cute shops.
 i have been so blessed by this creation vacation.

 my 2 travel days though was packed with drama!

 i could have missed my eurostar train to avignon
 because i went to far on the tube to king's cross
 and i left the subway to find a cab...there were no cabs 
in the area of bethnal green at 6am until a kindness cab man stopped to ask where i was going,
 he helped me out:))) 
he was on his way to pick someone up and
 he drove me on the way and for no cost,
 his kindness warmed my heart.
and i was plentiful in time for my journey💜😊

yesterday on my way home,
 i did miss my train in paris due to a late train from mariselle. 
ohlalala i had SUCH a stressful day.
 on top of being late i  arrived at the wrong station in paris (if i had studied my journey i would have understood this...but i am a person whom sees the whole and never the details sometimes really detrimental to myself..).

anyways i choose to see these 2 days as adventures
 and i have to say that lovely wonderful beautiful people helped me along the way,
 for example the guy who helped me buy the ticket 
to go from the station in paris i arrived at to gare du nord for eurostar,
 the last piece of advice of his was: 
"please do not stress you have time, just stay focused on taking train D and that you are going NORTH. 
i must have looked crazy stressed out.

 ohlala i am so glad i am in today😂

i did get upgraded to first class and got on the next train to london.
so in the end it was good. i was just severely exhausted.

i fell in love with villeneuve les avignon and its colline des mourgues
i created two fine art self portrait projects here
very picturesque
alice saga

alice saga

another location version of the above. much more close up as well.

a blessed being

this amazing flower concept store is where i bought my king portea flowers
the ones i used in the self portait you see at the top of this blogpost
 are they not perfection beautiful???

i had to create a macro shoot of them for memory sake. i gave them to my adorable family that were the hosts of my airbnb flat before i left:)))

the mountain
its view = perfection beauty

here i had walked up to another mountain 
see the lake?

i found a lovely adorable cafe
maison violette in avignon💜
violette happens to be one of my first names, 
spelled just like this:)
they did not have soy/ oat or almond milk so i did do the sugar and it tasted amazing
 did some planning
so many thoughts running through my head 
excited about much
that sense of freedom sense of possibility
 was such joy that finally came back to me😊

anyways, i'll leave you now
when i see you next tuesday 
i will have had a weekend with some other lovely photographers 
exploring creative photography in various forms:)))

i will have delivered a little thing to the swedish church in london
 and its magazine's next issue, 
a little thing that needs to be created these coming 3 days

there is so much more beauty to share from my vacation creation trip though, i hope i will give/ share this to you that next week as well💕💕💕

i wish you a week filled with joy
nourish your moments
faith hope love
alice saga

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


dear friends:)))💕💕💕

i am now in my flat that i have rented via airbnb in villeneuve lès avignon. 
 i adore my home,
 i absolute have fallen in love with this little village, 
the village of avignon. 
here there are no fast fashion, coffee shop chainstores
no diet cokes
 basically only french produce
 and organic at that. 
a haven for me:) for all of us i would say right!?
i am cooking now and i found that half of my sweet potato had gone bad, i can not remember when this happened to me last, it made me so happy. it should not be such a reaction but nowadays it probably should be a good thing then and agin since it means it's truly organic.
fresh organic food with no pesticides will go bad when it's time for it to do so.
then we can compost those and regenerate the soil!

people bike and they are aware of the environment 
everyone bring their own straw bag or fabric bag
 to get there vegetables to take home, 
there is no plastic covering the organic french vegetables etc etc
and soo many other things. it's a different pace to lifew

oh how can i count the ways
how much do i love thee???


  french human beings that surrounds me
my landlords are gold 
they are terrible though with their english,
 the trouble is that my french is worse than their english😂

i have taken a couple of outfit posts
it's outside of my flat
i call them my villeneueve lès avignon outfits
do i look a tiny bit french:)?
in the mornings i do have tea here when the weather permits

so my plan all along since booking this vacation has been that i wanted to create here
this morning i created a tiny thing
i found this mushroom sculpture the other day and realized i fit in to it
maybe she'll be my mushroom faerie
i found this dress in the charity shop of haven house in epping
( i used to volunteer here with the magic ladies carol & maggie)

one view of villeneuve lès avignon

oh dear how i fell in love with this tiny street
french people sooo decorate their windows 
with flowers and other magic things:)))

many of these lovely buildings

here is where i wanna create next...!!!
tomorrow i am to have a blowdry next door to my home and i hope to find a cute dress somewhere or a prop or maybe i should find something else? i do have a rochas cute dress with me, but not sure if it's extravagant enough. we'll see.
there is this lovely mountain that is filled with wild flowers
colline des mourgue

there are magic antique/ vintage markets on saturdays:)
i fell in love with this victorian nightgown
if it's there this coming weekend it will be mine💜

if you wanna follow my journey i am spamming my instagram stories at the moment😂

this trip is renewing me in so many ways. i am on a new chapter and i am proud of myself🌸
on another note
i am to contribute to the next swedish church in london magazine, kyrkobladet and its theme is timelessness in terms of art dreams and that nothing is ever too late to start. if you have any thoughts please fill me in on what i could create, my deadline is june 3rd.

another issue the theme was changes (or more specific in swedish förändring)
 and i gave the then editor, åsa höjer, a self portrait and a poem i created specifically for this issue and it's the story of a very hard personal journey in verse.

i named it 
faith hope & love

faith hope love

i was uprooted from my garden 
the garden where my sweetness gave me love
the place i had borne fruit
my faerie tale
an unknown took place
where all i had loved was taken

laughter where did you go?
gratitude where did you go?
safety where did you go?
dear god in the heavens where did you go?

sweetness i miss you
sweetness i miss you
sweetness i miss you

 along the journey
the beauty of life started to shine through
blue heavens
sunshine stroking my cheeks
blooms blossoming in rose violettes blues greens
in millions of shades
baby deer’s & bunnies everywhere
flowering butterflies
a world of smiles

the gift of new life
such joys
such happiness
i prayed 
dear god in the heavens help me
trust your way
and for me to
 embrace the magic
faith hope

- by me alice saga

how things can be wonderfully turned around by time and patience
 a continuous faith and hope

see you next week
take care
remember to 
nourish all your moments
i'll be back then
in epping 
 back to my beloved routines 

faith hope love to you