Tuesday, September 17, 2019


that is going to be my focus of my fall before the start of a new decade🌸

i am fully devouring a wonderful book
"conversations with god"

so many truths 
in this book
so much beauty
such magnificence
re member
where we belong, 
where we came from and
 from who we came in to this world from
from the source
from god
from infinite intelligence
whatever you wanna call it
we are here to express the our magnificence 
so that god can experience life through us
we were made in the image of source whom created all things perfection
mathematically perfect
every single thing in our universe and how it works
is a study of sublime intelligence

i am so excited to dive in to all things that can make me a better human being
and too a better artist
to find the essence of how i want to express my life
(too to finish this book💜)

to be god's pleasure

i have decided that 
i will do one blogpost in the beginning of  the month
 instead of weekly ones
there is such excitement to better myself at all my crafts
not only photography 
but too my
painting, piano skill, the ballet practice, the poetry making
etc etc etc

build up my website:)

so next time we meet it will be november 5
will be fully devoted to re member myself
to the family we all come from🌸

"nourish the moment"
(which is a motto i live in every day)
series i started creating this year of 2019

nourish the moment
 oh wow that just came out
just like that
free thinking
from reading a book which i am only in the beginning of😊

this section of my flat is
dedicated for drawing and painting
an artist studio
 i have other sections for journaling, reading, piano practice & singing 
flower pressing & of course my computer place where i do all the editing and such things:)

wearing a cacharel blouse and top shop skirt
an artist outift

lady with a dove
john brett


faith hope love
alice amorina solantania saga

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


a blooming summer day dream

that is how the summer felt like
a dream to make way for new beginnings
is that not equally beautiful?
i mean all those hopes and wishes to transform 
to embody being THAT girl/  woman!
such excitements that thought gives me😊

a blooming summer day
alice saga wildflower garden

i created a self portrait in this wild flower garden when i lived in east dulwich, these wildflowers were planted in the park of dulwich village. i have sooo manipulated to make my point. but the magic of the flowers are a truth on its own😊

this period of now is of especially sadness, 3 years ago now i lived with panic. i thought i would never have a home of my own. i had no stability. i saw no future no safety.  this panic inside me was every day for more than 2 months and when i finally got what i wanted i still lived with panic ofr more about 2 years.  today, 3 years later, is like another world, one i am still healing in and starting to feel somewhat safe. that safety has gifted me with being able to move on a tiny bit. my talents of course never left me and my imagination helped through it all ( by pretending) but the hurt is there...to jump to conclusions of  others not wanting well for me...i don't wanna dwell on this so that will have to be it. 

i still feel ashamed about what happened and can't speak freely about it,
maybe because i am not healed yet. i can't say that i am in a good place.
when i can, i am sure i can be of help for others:))

fall is really happening and this comfy thing is what i wore today
a vintage butterfly dress bought from beyond retro
a jumper from an hm collection a few years back
 (my goal is to not buy fast fashion at all anymore,
 but still i will use what i already own...)
alice saga

i am sure you do know i have been a 100% vegan since april 1st, plus being gluten free since 2015 (it completely healed me from 7 day pains each month... and i credit the book grain brain this transformation, THANKS, even though i do NOT subscribe to all of the advice here since i am a vegan).

i do have a couple of sweetness goodness days a month
which sort of will be part of my title 
for a vegan gluten free goodies sweet thingies book
today i created my almond cake and it is delicious
especially with swedish glace soy ice cream 
meridian crunchy peanutbutter
almond cake
i am soon to share this recipe:)))
vegan cake by alice saga

stay gold:)))
a reminder to myself💜

i finished the brilliant book of jane austen, pride & prejudice.
 if you have not read the book
 please do it is so wonderfully perfect
 in the language and description of human beings!!!  
(or shall i say english people to this day)
oh dear how i wanna be elizabeth bennet and her mr darcy
oh i can be SUCH a romantic😊
no correction i AM A romantic
we'll see what happens with that for me

 now i have started to embraced the journey of 
(3 books in one from audible)

this had helped me tremendously to create my
next poem for the swedish church in london
and its magazine

if you wanna be part of the journey,
 please follow me on instagram
 (especially the stories)
something new i share is my piano journey:)))


in search of beauty

this house

Tuesday, September 03, 2019


of wonderful new beginnings🌸

i am back:))) fall is emerging and it feels great

i took some of august off to just concentrate on my home/ my art studio
 where i do all my practices and post production thingies.
 it has made the world of difference and
 i now have various stations for all my creations and crafts:) 
to dedicate small environments/ places to each have its own space
me happy 
it being easier to actually create my art

i have too worked on my shopify store  
(this place of mine is sooo far away from being done visually)
where i am selling some of my fine art photography prints
i hope to add some more prints plus
 finish the look of it by october

for all inbetween happenings
i do share a lot on my instagram stories😊
i mean 
a lot

i will create a more detailed blogpost next week

for now

september me in action💜😊
the life of alice saga

she is dreaming
of a life of joys and constant nourishments
fine art photography

faith hope love
alice saga

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

a sweetness august embracing the wonders of september

lovely readers:)))

i am to take a little august break from this blog:) 
i will be back september 3rd

i am to focus on fixing my environments in my flat to have it be the ultimate for art creations, journaling, reading, photography, flower pressing, writing poetry & playing the piano.

here is a self-portrait of mine i created in the park of richmond
about 4 years ago
it is part of my flower faerie series

yes i am too organizing trying to edit (give away)
 some of the abundance of clothing i own
this i am to use in a shoot so it is a keeper:)
monsoon dress

i am sooo
september 2019
when a new year starts
that is how i feel
are you ready for a new start?

alice saga