Tuesday, December 18, 2018


hi lovely friends💜

it's almost christmas. it's almost a new year.
 how deliciously fast 2018 happened😊

are your thoughts tinkering tiny plans for a new year? i am:)
 i am to think of what i am glad for having created in this year we are still in
the image below is one of my faves from this year. 
the trinity sisters
faith hope & love
are their names
this (manipulated ) self-portrait was created 
around 6.30am in richmond london 
early may of this year called 2018

this week howevery
 i have finally started to prepare for a christmas
 filled with loved ones like my mom aunt and my step-fathers. i call them both step-fathers since my aunt is my second mother (too my chosen god mother of my mother).
here is a tiny tiny tiny bit more organzied art table / flat of mine
decorated with some tiny christmasy things

mere christianity by c.s lewis
 was recommended to me by my dear friend elizabeth when i lived in new york,
 this book changed my life
 during this time i was a student and could not afford to buy anything extra so every day for some time i went to barnes & noble ( a real bookstore chain, not sure if it's still existing?) to read it for free, i was sitting on the floor of their shop on the second floor on the upper west side for a few days and all made sense.
 i have now bought this book and am re-reading it💜💜💜
letters to a young poet though is a first time reading and i am already felling so inspired by it


 then life is just filled with angels angels and some more angels
i have angels in my hair

a roses home filled with light of mine

i am too planning two shoots. one winter solstice one and another inspired by the works of deborah turbeville. i am trying outfits for both ones, here is an option for the deborah turbeville one that i might shoot in the wonders of high gate cemetery
i think i am to change the blouse. i have another white one filled with lace. we'll see...i think the images are to be black and white so the white might be more of a contrast and goodness for the cause
this is me. no make up since creating outfits is not a special occasion or so😂

inspirations for another project i hope to create in the spring of 2019

always always mademoiselle anna pavlova💜

oh and yes
look at that flowery braid!!!

le spectre de la rose

as i am sure you know i do take notes on all i listen to (books and podcasts) each mornings, here is some from this morning💝

"such a sight having never occurred before was almost as wonderful as it was welcome 

before fanny overpowered by a thousand feelings of pain and pleasure could attempt to speak but quickened by one sovereign wish she then called out oh cousin stop a moment 🦋

get my act together and start studying seriously and create art daily
take my gifts seriously and leave madness behind. put madness in to my creations
set up design my life accordingly 🦋
identify based habits 
the artist journey is the journey of getting to know myself and what i am set on this planet to investigate 🦋
study practice create ideas

2019 = my 1st year of my own created MFA program 
the end of my heroe’s journey and beginning of my artist journey 

read kieth richards book

mansfield park 
when they entered the park her perceptions and her pleasures were of the keenest sort
it had been 3 full months 
and the change was from winter to summer her eye fell everywhere on lawns and plantations of the freshest green
and the trees though not fully clothed were in that delightful state
when father beauty is known to be at hand and when while much is actually given to the sight
yet more remains for the imagination 



thy will be done this day
today is a day of completion 
i give thanks for this perfect day
miracle shall follow miracle
and wonders shall never seize 

look with wonder at that which is before me






so yes now i have finished mansfield park by jane austen and how i loved thee. i now know that i am to read all her books.

i am sending lots of faith hope love and wish you a wonderous christmas and new years filled with joys magic and miracles.

twelve christmas angels

twelve christmas angels met
up near the milky way
to discuss why joy was missing
from the christmas holiday

it gave them such sadness
as they tracked the negative trend
so each decided to do their part
to bring this madness to an end

angel one would touch memories
reminding of the blessing of life
angel two would tenderise hard hearts
removing bitterness and strife

angel three would gather families
from far reaches of the earth
then stir feelings of love and peace
giving hope and joy new birth

angel four would return merry
and christ to holiday greetings
angel five would clear calendars
to make time for family meetings

angel six would flame enthusiasm
angel seven would spread cheer
angel eight would grow generosity
angel nine would diminish fear

angel ten would dispel darkness
by lighting colorful decorations
angel eleven would draw lonely
to warm and friendly celebrations

angel twelve would have the hardest job
bringing wonder back to each heart
and reminding all the people
of how christmas had its start

then, with haste they met the challenge
and made everything alright
they restored the joy and happiness
before that christmas night

so merry christmas to one and all
may every tongue employ
and thank you christmas angels
for bringing back the christmas joy

- loyd c. taylor

the beauty of christmas winter time in my home town
uddevalla, sweden
3 years ago i captured this magic

i created this faerie princesse collage on my ipad a couple of years ago
i think it's beautiful and very inspiring for a new year filled with dreams

 this piece is a mixed media art works of mine 
it started my journey
faith hope love

i will see you in the new year
now i am to devour my family, plan for another year
 and to appreciate each moment of life
faith hope love
to you all
devour your days
alice saga

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

keep true to the rare music in your heart, to the marvelous and unique form that is and shall always be nothing else but you 💝

hi lovely creatures💕💕💕

how are you all doing?

here in the alice wonderland planet i am planning for christmas:)
 my family is to visit me and i am to cook something good i hope😇
not sure if this emoji is the correct one for how i feel:) but it will do for now.
i have too created some christmas gifts today, yeeeey!
 now i "only" need to fix my flat for some very special guests.

 i am too planning 2 fine art projects, you can read down below😊

too most mornings = mansfield park by jane austen.
how i adore fanny price & a very cute edmund (or so i imagine)

other from all this i am working on recent works of mine
specifically my nature spirit creature
the faerie tales of violette
 anyways, which version out of these 2 do you like the most?

keep true to the rare music in
your heart, to the marvelous and
unique form that is and shall
always be nothing else but you.

mark z. danielewski
"house of leaves"

roses & magic

 a as in alice
created my name spelling it with dried flowers and leaves

i have daily delights with tea and opening my cute advent calendars magic windows:)
all 3 are from a german company 
fave tea at the moment is yogi tea's detox filled with liquorice, dandelion & cinnamon

going through 2018 thoughts and my collage books from 2013-14 to decide upon a dear 2019😊

wore this the other day
smiley face 

i am working on 
2 fine art photography projects at the moment

one is inspired by lucia and the winter solstice
( i have finally found someone on etsy to create a flower crown with candles, can't wait to have it in my hands)
i have yet to find a location though
would love to shoot it on december 20th or at least very shortly thereafter 
a bringing light & hope angel princesse prayers for us and our beautiful planet

the other  project is based upon an homage to deborah turbeville
one of my favourite photographers of all time
i might have a location in mind:))
will go location scouting next week 
inside the gates 
 highgate cemetery 

here are some wonderful inspirations 
by mademoiselle
 the above image and below are my main 2 inspirations 
for my project i hope to 
create in early january💜

deborah turbeville

much love and happiness to you all
hopefully i am to show you my lucia flowery crown with candles next time we see eachother:)))

alice saga

Thursday, November 29, 2018


hey beautiful creatures😊

how are you all doing?
 i hope it's all good and that everyone is feeling the joy of christmas coming around the corner:))) sunday it starts with the magic of advent. 
it's been such much rain here in epping these past couple of days but other from that there has been beautiful mornings filled with podcasts and books. just started reading mansfield park by jane austen. i hope to get as good a read as tolstoy's anna karenina which i read about a year ago or so.

here's some glimpses of my life this past week💜

i am playing with various tones/ shades/ colors on some of my most recent self-portraits
a nature spirit bewitched by the beauty of the planet

the scenario 
epping forest

a couple of other versions of my candy cake ballerina princesse faerie
she was reaching for the moon and instead become one with the stars 🌟

found this image in my google drive and memories overwhelmed me
i miss my daily afternoon walks in this garden
such magic places
peckham rye park

at home i am having fun exploring with water colours
play play play

 sunday = 1st of advent💓
of course i have invested in advent calendars,
 waiting for 2 of them 
one thank goodness has arrived😊
my art creation table is back as a major mess as usual. 
my neverending story

a going to starbucks look from this week
all clothes are from charity shops
 lace top worn beneath dress is by top shop
dress is by h (from a celebrity i think...)
cardie is by chloe

now time for
some various inspirations:)

butterfly violette's

2013 was the year i created a 365 day art project. i created one collage a day either on my ipad or as in the real deal cutting and pasting and doodling:))) finished 3 books of collages.

blessed be
my blessed be messy art creation table😂

created a reel of some of my fine art photography & self-portraits last year
while reading
the poem
look to this day

next creation of mine is inspired 
by the tradition 
above illustration by john bauer 

she light to the darkness
the day is december 13th

illustration by jenny nyström
 bringing light & hope to us all that christ is to be born very soon
she brings a feast (as in celebration) of sorts

i adore this lucia flower crown
i need someone to create this flower crown for me💜
this seems to be a difficult find!!!

on another note

i have found a new style & beauty inspiration:)))😀
hannah weiland 
 designer label 
 shrimps 💕💕💕

(images are from vogue)

that rapunzel faerie tale hair and quirky happiness smile = gold

 above image from evening standard
she only wears (and designs) faux fur since she like me loves animals

this gif below is from the website of shrimps
adore adore adore it all
please give me all her dresses, such cuteness😍

keep true to the rare music in
your heart, to the marvelous and
unique form that is and shall
always be nothing else but you.

mark z. danielewski
"house of leaves"

alice saga