Tuesday, July 09, 2019


the spirit of a rose

is a new project of mine 🌸
(the inspiration for it is old though, i found a ballet a poem and the place 
some years ago that birthed the idea for this project)

it is timely since i have a lot of roses around in my life at the moment. 
in nature it's all around gifting my eyes with its beauty. 
then there are a couple of wonderful human rose beings
jason rose whom is teaching me to play the piano😊
 yesterday i did my first day voluntering for loughton's council taking ladies in their later years to go shopping, here i met this lovely lady liliane rose all of 92 years old whom has lived in loughton and the same house for about 70 years, is that not impressive? oh my word did i fall in love with her. so gentle so quirky such an inspiration for holding up grace. 
how she warmed my heart.

the beauty of the rose

a location
pergola hill & garden

maybe an outfit
i bought this princesse dress about a year ago, and it's when i captured this mirror selfie
i think it would be lovely as a ballerina outfit capturing the spirit of a rose a the pergola hill & garden

the magic of the red shoes

nature roses blooming  decaying in epping

a poem

open your eyelids now closed
that brush on a maidens dream;
i am the ghost of a rose
that you wore at the ball last night.
you plucked me still silvered with pearls
sprinkled like tears from the hose,
and throughout the glittering scene
paraded all night was i seen.

o you who caused my death
unable to chase it away
throughout the night, my ghost of a rose
will come to dance by your bed.
but have no fear, i shall claim
no mass nor de profundis;
this faint perfume is my soul
and from parardise do i come.

my destiny may serve for envy;
for no better death could one have
than thus to have given ones life.
for, i have your breast as my tomb
and there one the headstone where i respose
a poet has left me a kiss
and written: "here lies a rose
of which, kings are inclined to be jealous".

- le spectre de la rose
théophile gautier
the ghost of a rose
translated by david paley

the ballet inspired by the poem above💜💜💜

from the book

found this image of anna pavlova on pinterest
 she is always taking part as an inspiration for my work💜

my work in the swedish church in london and its magazine:)
the summer of 2019 issue
this magazine = such a treasure

in my little very personal text i refer to a poem by karin boye
i thought this image worked perfect with how i read and
 take in this poem. 
my grandma's understanding and
 sense of belonging to it
i am sure was very different, 
for her she felt comfort and community with dear miss boye

here is a wonderful reading of her own poem

a couple of outfits from this past week
wearing the same skirt from ann.tique
here with a rebecca taylor silk blouse

and here with a very old sunshine top from h&m

what can i say? how i adore thee let me count the ways😂😂😂

dears i'll leave you with this

when it's over, i want to say: 
all my life
i was married to amazement.
i was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

- mary oliver

faith hope love
alice saga

Tuesday, July 02, 2019


happy tuesday lovely special you!!!
it's july:)
 have you thought about your intentions for this summery month?

my main focus will be on ballet for july🌸
first question of the morning will be:
how can i be the best student of this craft today?

i've found a new podcast that i love
via the almost 30 
where they had the founder ayana young of
 for the wild podcast
and dear had she truths to share
we need to change our ways
before our planet looses too many beautiful creatures species
like elephants and tigers
or elements like we used to have it
such horrible thought...to loose our clean water
 she will loose us too if  we do not change our ways.
 i was so scared when listening 
but in the end i felt empowered to do all that little me can do from here
i loved hearing truths 
just straight
 the truth is that we are abusing our earth, 
our beautiful earth.

so my next question in my morning will be:
how can i serve the planet today?
how can i be of service to mother nature today?

the below image is a self-portrait where i mixed 2 shoots
to create a little story of longing
a longing i feel so strongly in my whole being

dear sisters where did you go?
i am looonging for you
copped hall nature

a version of a few others i created that day
oh how the heavenly creatures called her and she obeyed for magic to come through her
villeneuve les avignon nature

some beauty i captured this past week on my morning walks
here in epping
look at that rose!!!
nourish the moment
alice saga

nourish your moments 
wherever you are
epping essex


a couple of outfits from this week
an end of june 2019
vintage dress with a gold heart gifted to me by my aunt

a sunshine dress for a very warm day:)))
baum und pferdgarten

i was trying out a possible outfit for a shoot
 (well the glasses, even though i love them,
 was not part of the plan 
but i need to see what i am doing right!?)

the lovely shoes are from the shop of
and i used them in my shoot that you can see at the top in this blogpost
marie antoinette perfection

you can see the shoes here:)))
this is an image where i am testing the light before dressing in to my outfit
wearing a vintage dress:)))

today too is a new moon 
my love jenny tallberg informed me of💜
so time for your intentions wishes and desires
 for this new moon cycle to be birthed
see you next week
lots of love
alice saga

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

she excitedly plucked the daisies all day long for specialness to dream of her that evening

a midsummer dream day happened this past friday
the day we pluck flowers that we are to put beneath our pillow
 in order for the special one to be dreamt of🌸
in sweden we have a beautiful celebration on this day
account just scroll through some images and you'll see)
but since i am here in epping in my own little bubble
i decided to create my own little beautiful thing

she plucked the daisies all day for specialness to dream of her that night
alice saga

she plucked and plucked her hopes one by one💜
alice saga
i found this flowery field by chance looking for another location i had found a year earlier 
(which i shot in the other day)
and i knew this was my midsummer day location
it's right behind

and yes i do have someone in mind 
that i would adore to have as a dear friend:)))

a couple of day's before the shoot i did try on some outfits
this one won
alice saga
bonnet custom ordered and created by starlite robinson

my art teacher jason rose is giving me piano lessons now
every other wednesday he is to visit my little lovely flat
alice saga

a close up on top of my piano

my desktop at the moment
will work on this image to the right 
that i captured when on my villeneuve-les-avignon vacation
the painting to the right was my inspiration for my past 
friday midsummer day self-portrait shoot

on sunday i created another little shoot
this little one came with me to location😊
porcelain doll and vintage dress with peonies

the above day i wore this to location
beyond retro dress
vintage dress i found years ago at beyond retro and its dalston location

the sisters prayed for humanity and for the serenity of our planet
alice saga
the dress i found in a charity shop i used to volunteer in here in epping
haven house where a dear carol works💕💕💕

here is lovely inspiration
i found the other day:)
so romantically beautiful
layers and layers of nourishments

lovely dears 
today all morning it was such heavy rains and it weighed me down 
so have not really been a good day, 
except for seeing my doctor here in epping. 
he is one of my corner stones for my well being💜
so that lifted all of me up. 
too since i could tell him that one of my 3 goals for this year
 had been accomplished:)

my little text and portrait is now published in the magazine of the swedish church in london. i am awaiting the print version and will show you then. i am happy very happy about the end result😊

there has been podcasts and wonderful inspirations, if you wanna follow those i do share in the moment things on my instagram stories:)))) 

faith hope love
alice saga

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


that is my daily job🌸
to better my kindness my being
in search of  being
 the master 
in pursuit of mastery
in all aspects of life💜

to be pruned into a thing of beauty:)))
to nourish ones moments one step at a time😊

she dreamed her way through it
oh how she dreamed herself through it💜
come come take me away come release me from pain come take me

the above self portrait i created yesterday
played with shades and colours

these are the amazing flowers i gifted my airbnb family in france
i too used them for a self portrait shoot in a lovely location:)

a new website of mine is happening
i let go of my websites a couple of years ago
it's time to rebuild
alice saga

i am finding lovely images from my trip 
villeneuve les avignon
my best ever vacation staycation
to live amongst the natives
that is what i experienced
and with humans whom took care of me

me yesterday trying out things for
shoot to be created in this flowery field i found yesterday here in epping
i have found another outfit for this purpose
but will show you this one 
because for once i am wearing make up
 from my shoot that happened earlier😊
as so many of my finds
this dress is from
where i used to volunteer
with a darling carol specifically

 you do know how much i ADORE this dog i meet most mornings on my walk,
he is 13 years old and the most beautiful perfection kindness ever. 
i am in love with this one. it's father made him sit for my photo with my iphone:) 
and he offered to take a photo of me with cully, 
sadly i got shy and said no. 
but next time i meet them, 
it will be A YES💕💕💕
this love is pruned into a perfection of beauty
when he sees me you should see his tail his happiness to greet me
oh how i kiss him hug him praise him

this week (or two)
 has been a little difficult
 because of a wisdom tooth that took over my whole head
 and then i got this very bad allergic reaction to something that entered my eye and over the course of 30 minutes (while being in the class of my boot camp class) it was full on  inflamed.
pain just overtakes everything.

at the moment now i am feeling sooo good:)))
it's easier to feel grateful..and can so much easier feel how blessed i am.
my mom my aunt my helen my stepfathers best friends

 epping happened by chance 
and i went there. 
i went with my gut:)
and now i have beauty around me

i wish you to feel like you are daily pruned into a thing of beauty
much love
alice saga