Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kate w/ her dear Lila Grace

Preppday w/ ass. Nike and Sasha.

we did have a fun day yesterday. hihi. it's for mine and Martina Olsson's shoot on Thursday w/ dear little Tummelisa (think it's called Thumbnail Lisa in english??).

The day started 11am at Pakladderiet, which is owned by Nikes Mom, Maria and Gabriella. The blond here is Maria. Cute right? Then we headed to the next places.

This cute girl is thee girl that we are shooting on Thursday. hihi.

big kiss

more prepp day.

cont. prepp for Tummelisa.

Monday, July 30, 2007


to me WILL be interesting. I think there will be/ are other worlds.


in an interview after his wife at the time had died.

This IS fashinating after MR. has really FEARED the reality of Death and Life in basically ALL his MOVIES.

He is one of those you think will be LIVING FOREVER. He will though, through his Art.

He Dared and Questioned.

My Heart goes to him tonight. I will pray that he meets his wife tonight. IN HEAVEN.

Please pray with me. An Artist Died Today.


you will find info about this movie at: imdb.com

it is one of the best/ dark movies about life and happenings i have EVER seen in my life.

Created by MR. BERGMAN.


Ingmar Bergman

Died today. Please pray for him and all his family/ friends that held him Dear to his heart. He a one and only. Strong. One of a kind.


White Story.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Love Letters.

I just wrote one to the love of my life. I just NOW declared my undying love to him. Please PRAY for me. PLEASE. PRAY.

Scouting Day w/ Martina.

hihihihi. Nova is supposed to be our "tummelisa". See me??? among the leaves? pretending to be little 3 year old nova? hihihi.

w/ love

how it continues...

Lindha And Johnny!

i am a little freaked out. Before i met the love of my life, Malcolm, I had this thing for a guy, Johnny, whom i had actually never met in real life. We just talked over the phone and via emails. Every day for 1 year we did this.. He lived in Boston and me in New York.

Today we just talked again. He broke up with his girlfriend yesterday, the same day i FINALLY got to learn how to use Msn Messenger. Obviously I am single since a long time. We still talk as easily as always. He is just a nice guy. But Ofcourse still living in Boston.

Here is Kate and Johnny. Stylish as ever.

Saturday, July 28, 2007