Saturday, September 29, 2007

Luisa Beccaria


s/s 2008.

i wanna be 50's brigtte bardot next summer or on next charter. hihi.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Madeleine McCann

I just read an article in one of Sweden's bigger newspapers, that really touched me.

The author, Liza Marklund is wondering WHY all the focus is on a very specific Madeleine McCann?? There are Thousands and Thousands of missing kids every year, that never Ever reaches national headlines, the way Madeleine's case has.

As Mrs Marklund says; it can not be that she is cuter or blonder than everyone else. There are millions missing kids, more cut AND blonder out there.

It is our Duty as citizens of this world to watch over eachother.

2 sites: and

shows thousands of missing kids..... tragic.

one of Mrs Marklund first journalist jobs, was about a missing 3 year old girl from Lulea/ Sweden. The girl's father had brought her away, out of the country. She and the girls mother started "touring" the world in the search of her. They Acutally DID find her. In a rundown neighbourhood of Tunisia (tunisien), but Their Laws forbid to bring the girl back (to sweden and by that with her mother). The story ends there...

This 3 year old is 24 now, if still alive.Where she is, does neither Mrs Marklund or the mother know.

Mrs Marklund questions this: WHY is Madeleine SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than her?

one of Mrs Marklund's many examples is:Danyel Sparpana. She's been lost since she was 3 years old as well. The last time anyone saw her was in her home of West Sacramento/ California the 2nd of November 1985. You ever heard about her? she is both cuter and blonder than madeleine.

i totally agree on ALL points she has. Why is this case SO much more important? all cases should be equally important, no? but honestly, i think that ONE case to be brought up is Better than zero.

Please Watch over eachother and be responsible in the best way we all can. This is just Sad, Sad, Sad.

The video here is one of KENT. The song: Dom som Forsvann (The one's who disapeared). Sorry, but it's lyrics is in swedish. Look anyways. The Visuals Are amazingly scary.

with love


Happy 60 year old Birthday!!!

Limited edition jewelry created by Victoire de Castellane.

I fell in love with them.

For someone special.


I just bought the new 10 magazine, maybe the best issue so far? I loved the ed with Olga Shera styled by the amazing Jacob K and shot by the more fantastic Wendy Bevan. This is one of my favorite ed's of all time! the softness and playfulness in these photographs is stunning. More of this, please.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Motu Tane and Alice saga

plus their afternoon in stockholm's djurgarden.

Dress: Motu Tane
Glasses: Suspectacles
Tights: Fogal
Shoes: Don Donna

PLACE: Ulla Winblad. White Wine. Harpers Bazaar UK. Cacharel book and Emerald.

Charlie Chaplin

in a new version.

American Apparel top.
Fogal Tights.
Nilson shoes.
Jacket, bag and hat from beloved Pakladderiet vintage.

Model: Dear Nike.

PLACE: my LOVED Scandic Anglais hotel.


Morning walk/ Djuargarden, stockholm.

Miss Miuccia Prada


The BEST collection i have seen for as long i can remember from Miss Prada.

Quirky, Artisty and Hippiysh. All at the same time.

Graphic, prints on prints. 70's mixed with 50's. Appliques on Prints. Big volume skirts. SKinny long and lean silhouetes in her knits. prints on beautiful Sheer pantsuits and outfits.

it was STUNNING. Stunning.

Miss Miuccia Prada: i BOW before you.

You Set an Example. YOU are AN artist.

Women will look beautiful the coming SPRING 2008.

// Alice


Kukulaland's CUTE Biography.

Diary. Day 7, Mallorca/ Magaluf.

Jil Sander green dress.
Chanel pink printed bikini.
White Dior Sunglasses.

I just dont want to leave.
My time here has been Beautiful/ Lindha Jacobsson Sagum

Kukulaland MANIA

this is a start of series to show you/ and share an amazing talent.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September wonders.

I feel blessed. And relaxed. More confident and happy than i have ever been in my life.

This september, i finally had a REAL vacation (as you've seen from my mallorca pictures). I have met friends, done a beautiful shoot. I have my dear First assistant Nike in my life, plus dear Sascha. I am aloud to have Inspiration days. I have time to read books. I can SLEEP loooong. And i am just enjoying the time i am aloud to heal and to have it this way.

Here first, my day yesterday. Outfit: Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Black top with ruffels by Chanel, Tights by Fogal, sunglasses by Suspectacles and shoes from Rizzo.
I walked to The Blue Door ( Bla dorren in swedish) and there I read "emerald", had my wine and my diet coke.

The day before, i met my dear Jenny ( neighbour to me, who just like THAT, showed up in my life). The day after, met my Dear Alexandra with her CUTE baby, Ebbe.

I feel happy actually.


Burberry Prorsum

to all men. Look like this next spring and women will Swooon.


Irina Lazareanu

theeeee girl.

Diary. Day 6, Mallorca/ Magaluf.

OUTFIT: Ida Sjöstedt. Sunglasses by Suspectacles.

Thomas, bonus dad, 50 Years Old.
Champagne breakfast.
wine and reading emerald.
shower and make up.
DINNER w/ big full family.
Cognac and wine.

(for the record, the beer is thomas' brothers, i myself would not steep to the beerlevel)