Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ethereally Stunning!

Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2009 Gown fit for a Fairy Queen.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Prada S/S 2009 Review by Peter

The Sartorialist observed wisely the other day that Italians (or at least the Milanese) can't avoid looking polished even when they are trying to dress down. This makes me imagine little white boy versions of T-Pain buzzing around an Italian citta on scooters, sporting gold teeth and ironed jeans. The Italians seem to revel in making the fashion vanguard presentable. Prada exploited this tendency in their Spring '09 shows to mainstream a lot of design-school freshman faux-cleverness like tie-on half-skirts into upwardly mobile design. Here are two examples:

If you wear a jumper next summer, you might be accused of jumping on the bandwagon (or trying to look like just another American Apparel 70s porn girl). Here's a nice way to transform that look into a formal orchid.

OK, altogether it's a bit much, but you can pick and choose parts of this look to bring a little downmarket risk (ahh...roller derby catfight) into your wardrobe.

There is a wonderful floating, framing quality to this dress. Again with the bringing-it-upmarket theme, the provenance of the top is more street hoodie than a familiar collarbone-exposing shawl collar look - yet it uses the collarbone as a familiar tool of elegance to achieve a high-low equipose with wrinkled casualness.
The photo above also features a less extreme (and more successful) version of the exposed bra look that Prada repeated more than a few times down the runway. Look, I'm a guy, so just don't get the point of non-sexy underthings worn on parade. It's a little too Mary Tyler Moore in Flirting With Disaster:

For me, bringing high-minded design ambition to a bra, it's like - well, it's like when Elaine on Seinfeld tried to figure out that New Yorker cartoon ("The cat is saying, 'I've enjoyed reading your email' . . . well, I can't crack this one.") I just don't get it.
OK, enough complaining. Let me end on an up-note with more examples of the Italians bringing some moxie to mundane looks:

Why simple often benefits from an abstract quirk, as long as the quirk isn't trying too hard.

There is a formality to this outfit that may limit it to business purposes, but it's nice to see something unfamiliar in Victorian. Ther'es so much bad Victorian out there. Or, maybe it's just that the whole category has been preempted by the style genius of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark:

Oh, Prada. How will I compare thee next.


Nina Ricci S/S 2009

oh my Dear Lord!! I' ve fallen in Love with Olivier Theyskens and his Edwardian Queen, that is the Queen in the Narnia Chronicles.

Mr. Theyskens is back to his very best, creating his amazing gothic romantic designs. The ones no other makes better than Maybe Mr. McQueen.

From lingering around at home, night time to gala premiers.

I am In Love, just as I was in Each and every collections Mr. Theyskens created for Rochas.

So Happy to see he's back to its best.

yes, I am in Love.


Darling Kate Moss!

various lovely images. Courtesy of The Fashion Spot.


A.F Vandevorst S/S 2009

When I think of A.F. Vandevorst I think of highly edgy designs. Usually not to my liking.

But for S/S 2009 the collection went super romantic full of whites and lace.



Friday, September 26, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Photographer: Martina Olsson
Stylist: Linda Portman Sagum

John Galliano purple blouse and black satin skirt. Asitas ring.


white goddess dress. Asitas bracelet.

Ted Baker

silver color chiffon blouse. Calvin Klein lace black briefs.

Vivenne Westwood

Westwood Anglomania striped cotton dress. Yvonne Christa crown.

La Perla

pink lace bra. Stella McCartney lace nude briefs. Beyond Retro tylle skirt. Umbrella from Umbrellabar.


sheer flower print skirt.

Sweet and High Heels

sheer lace ruffled top. Miss Sixty printed shorts.

La Perla

pink lace bra.

Stella McCartney

lace briefs. Stylist own tylle.

Photographer: Martina Olsson
Stylist: Linda Portman Sagum
Creative: Johan Miderberg
Hair and Make: Nina Belkhir/Mikas
Model: Leona Axelson Ringström/ Mikas

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Duskin S/S 2009

is a stunning set of designs. All of whom I Love and would Very much like to wear. Very clean and a feeling of Vulnerability that I have not seen for a long time coming from such a young fresh designer. Very Alice!!

Her Beautfiul site is at WWW.DUSKIN-NY.BLOGSPOT.COM

W/ love

Rachel Mount: The Couturier of Cake

This September Rachel has been creating cakes for 16 years, amazing cakes. Full of flair and fashion, high end fashion.

First time I saw a cake that Rachel had made, I was Astound of the talent she has.

The cake shown here was created for Vogue Espana, who celebrated 20 years as a magazine. The others are sketches of cakes that Vogue could choose from.

Lastly a taste of what to come for S/S 2009!



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About a Boy

Photographer: Martina Olsson
Stylist: Linda Portman Sagum

Burberry/NK Kids shirt.

Gant/ Kiddies

striped sweater and brown cordoroy's. Ralph Lauren/Kiddies checkered shirt. Pakladeriet oxford shoes.