Sunday, June 25, 2006

Norman Parkinson:

This summer the Lady Lever Art Gallery hosts a striking exhibition by the eminent photographer Norman Parkinson (1913-90). Another gallery has also had a great exhibit with Mr. Parkinson and that is the great Staley & Wise gallery on Broadway (soho), NY.

Mr. Parkinson started out as an apprentice in a portrait studio, London. In 1934 he started doing portraits on assignment from Harpers Bazaar. He did sophisticated 30's fashion to when the 60's came, mod out on the streets. He was the early pioneer of color photography and was also one of the first ones to move out on location and use movement in fashion photography. He worked 30 years for Brittish Vogue, and created a LOT of beautiful pictures for them. He was out to create beauty, not to make something as it was or worse, but to tweak and make the object the most beautiful and more.

Mr. Parkinson was a DANDY and a funny one. A very eccentric persona and was very loved for his Joie de Vivre.

At the end of his life he moved to the West Indies and worked from location exclusively for Town and Country.

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