Friday, July 07, 2006

Couture Fall 06

Couture is supposed to be magic! Or at least I think it shoud be magic. This season it (the few designers who still do Couture) went safe and with beautifully wearable clothes. Chanel went mod with jeans beneath, Valentino: lots of dresses, Dior: Egyptian warrior (meaning lots of dresses with ornaments and beading, but nothing special I think, just the same he does always), Givenchy I was expecting to be wonderful with this designers great potential . I am not even going to go into Armani. Christian Lacroix was a surprise though. He got his colors just right ( something that can go overboard sometimes) and his cut. Overall, there was some Goth with fantastic volumes and some fairytale wedding dresses. Check out the Mod Wedding dress at Chanel. LOVE! Leggings will stay! My favorite was Chanel and even though Givenchy could have been better, I still really liked it. I picked out some pictures for you.

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