Saturday, May 26, 2007

Nicole Janota

Is a designer who goes to Beckmans school of Design in Sweden. As I went to Beckmans fashion show the other week, I saw her part of the show and she is just SO talented. She stod out even last year, I am SO BAD at remembering names and faces, but her i did remember.
I am shooting 125 Magazine tomorrow with photographer Lena Modigh, and this morning I borrowed clothes for Miss. Janota. I must say that she IS ADORABLE. We are in love with the same store: OLD TOUCH. That I recommend ALL here to visit if you are in stockholm. I always borrow things for my shoots there ( And I realized like her collection, she is so warm, feminine and beautiful.

I ADORE young designers who dares to there own way, and to be amongs "cool" people in sthlm, she does stand out. She does her thing, and I happen to love her thing.

Will shoot BOTH dresses I borrowed from here tomorrow. AND i might show how they look on our cute model Josefin/ elite.


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