Friday, May 04, 2007

Patti Smith

is one of my heroes. I first understood this when I as an assistant ( To dear lady Lombardo) I had to research basically ALL about her whole life and also finding AS MANY pictures I could possibly find (including buying as many books I could about her). Then I assisted on my first fashion shoot, with a model that looked like her. This shoot til today is one of my favorite fashion stories.

around a year ago she was the subject in one of my favorite magazines, edited by Jefferson Hack, Another Magazine. The whole issue was basically dedicated what one as a single person can do. Meaning: can do, your responsibility to society, environment and political issues etc.

Patti just grew on me even more. From what i can recall from this intervju was: as a single/ one only person, start doing what you can AND TOGETHER WE WILL BE STRONG. BUT it does start with the single person. PLEASE remember.

The picture here: is the one you enter:

with love

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