Tuesday, May 08, 2007


playfullness as a way of living has ALWAYS been the untraditional way of life/ or way of living your life. Sort of the "wrong" way of living your life. TO ME, it's actually the CORRECT way of living, it's HOW I find pleasure and creativity in my work/life. The New Acne Paper, brought this subject up and they are celebrating the people who actually live their life FULL of Playfullness and has always lived this way. For me, their is NO other way. For good or bad? I really don't know. I want BEAUTY. I want Creativeness. I NEED GOOD and Conversations, I NEED GOOD FRIENDS. I LOVE GOD and ALL he has given to me, meaning the BEST FAMILY EVER. When I think of it, hi hi hi, HE must have known i needed it. hihi.

Anyhow, This IS my life.

alice saga

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