Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shoot day with Tim and 12 girls.

Today was a busy day. I styled 12 girls from all agencies in sweden mixed with some wonderful/ beautiful personalities (basically my assistants from now and then).

Tim did his thing and then Robert took The portraits. These two are Best friends and it shows. Robert was here with us because Tim wants Us to get to know oneanother, BECAUSE we both look at the industry in the Exact same way. Robert is a Darling, I noticed today. Thanks to my best friend, I had the pleasure to get to know Robert so much better. We all met in New York so many times, BUT I never got to meet robert on a working level.

Anyhow, today was GREAT.

i am only sad because this old man, who is a Director at one of the swedish magazines constantly bothers my 16 year old assistant...... I just don't know how to protect her from him. he is triple her age and i feel she is scared. it is just so disgusting.

Tomorrow we will shoot my dear muse/ assistant Nike AGAIN. hihihihi. I just LOVE her. Sometimes, she feels like a little sister and sometimes i want to BE her mother and protect her.


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