Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The BEST collection i have seen for as long i can remember from Miss Prada.

Quirky, Artisty and Hippiysh. All at the same time.

Graphic, prints on prints. 70's mixed with 50's. Appliques on Prints. Big volume skirts. SKinny long and lean silhouetes in her knits. prints on beautiful Sheer pantsuits and outfits.

it was STUNNING. Stunning.

Miss Miuccia Prada: i BOW before you.

You Set an Example. YOU are AN artist.

Women will look beautiful the coming SPRING 2008.

// Alice


Fenke said...

I read very different opinions about the new collection - most of them dislike it. I agree with you though. I prefer more 'entertaining' collections on the catwalk, since i do not have the money to buy anything anyways.;-)

Alice Saga said...

honestly, i don't read any reviews.

i follow my heart.

it WAS beautiful and amazing from a lady who always IS the lead. NOT a follower.