Sunday, October 14, 2007

To the MEN out there.

How to look stylish.

Mr. Laing.

Outfit 1:

suit from marks and spencer!
Shirt from bagutta
tie from simon jones
Young man from Scotland

Outfit 2:

shirt as before
pullover by calvin klein
jeans from stone island
jacket from tiger of sweden

Outfit 3:

polka dot shirt richard james
blue cashmere pullover
sad face because still 8 sleeps till linda

A Man that has this charisma just needs his body and intelligence. The rest takes care of itself.



Anonymous said...

Very handsome man, i like him. BMS

Alice Saga said...

thank you mamsen.

financial hack said...

You mean that my faded T-shirt and sweat pants with various holes and food stains don't cut it?!? ;)

Alice Saga said...

mr financial:

no, don't think so.

maybe in your house though.