Saturday, November 03, 2007

Marc Jacobs

Confused for revolutionary, MJ's collection was, according to his own admission, reactionary - "cartoon versions of all the women I know." Good parody, however, requires an appreciation for your target's strengths - underestimate an opponent, and you'll never beat them at their own game. And in some looks, MJ made wise finds in anime, vamp psychobilly, and sci-fi.

We have a store in midtown called 99 Cent Dreams. I'd love to see this cape eventually develop into a plastic poncho version there. It respects rain as sultry, and will prevent you from looking like the guy in yellow slickers on a frozen fish stick box.

Nerd chic needed new glasses. All those tortoise shells and horn rims were starting to fade into one another. And the dress makes me nostalgic for those V-hold lines that used to scroll up old failing TV's. A complete look.

Renovating a tired idea - see-through intimates - with some graphical brio bouncing out of an anime fantasy.

Here's a better look at those glasses - a little beehive, a little corporate.

Japanese royal court, rockabilly legs.

Perhaps inspired by Mad Men,the 50s ad agency drama scoring major styling points in the U.S., MJ incorporated tweed skirts, plaids, and sweater-set offshoots without making us feel trapped in a museum. Not crazy about this outfit, but it got me hoping for the advent of boy-brief fanny packs.

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