Friday, December 07, 2007

To My Father Figure:

my grandfather is dying. he is my hero, he was my father. he taught me how to use my bicycle, taught me how to drive, gave me my first tape recorder, my first bike, my first trip out of the country. The one who let me win all games to keep me happy. the one how while i layed myself on top of the newspaper would drive me out to watch wild animals so he could read in peace. if i destroyed something he pretended he had done it. He has and will always be the one who is my father figure. he was always perfect. always thinking about others before himself.

i am SO sad today. So sad.

no words can describe how lonely and sad i am this minute, this hour,TODAY and for always.

i just feel SO alone. So alone.

I miss my dad already.

I have big shoes to fill in.



Anonymous said...

I'really sorry about that
a small kiss

Anonymous said...

sorry........ o am sure he was wonderful....elizabeth

Alice Saga said...

right now i feel good and So happy to have had him in my life.