Monday, December 03, 2007

To the prettiest girl in wonderland!

I remember my first work day. We had met one time before but from now on I was going to be your assistant. I was walking into the doorway when I heard you; your door was open so I could immediately recognize your laugh and your tiny voice from the first floor. I haft to admit I got a bit scared, I was shyer at that time, you see. But after a while I took myself together and went up. I knocked on the wall since the door was already open, and after that you came with your happy face and hugged me. Since then the same face has always welcomed me everytime.
When I started to work my hair was much shorter. The colour was dark brown, almost black. Black was also the only colour I wore. Not because I was gothic or something like that. When Lindha asked me about my black clothes once I just answered that I was in a “black period” right now. Which we both laugh much about today.
Lindha helped not only to put more colour in my wardrobe but also make my life better. Now almost a year has passed through us and I have so much to thank her for. She is a true friend and the best boss you can imagine. And talented of course. If people don’t understand her I would just say that they are mad. Because we need people who are crazy and creative just like Lindha in this world. I have grown so much in so many different ways and met the best people. I do think much is possible now! And I do believe in myself.

I hope we will be friends forever.

Love You

/Dear Nike

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