Thursday, January 31, 2008

Martina Olsson and Johan Miderberg.

Martina is one of my best friends. She listens and she makes me feel special.

Simply put; I LOVE HER. I can't see my life without her. She has saved my life so many times.

She is the one who tells me i am special when i do not feel it.

Today me and her Johan Miderberg (her wonderful half of The Grain), went to see the show of Ida Sjöstedt for fall/ winter 2008 in Stockholm. Which I Utterly FELL IN LOVE WITH.

This blogg is NOT to talk about the show, but really my admiration for martina and johan. about the show will come later.

But please if you know Swedish, check out:

it is really about ALL that inspires him. Just like i do, it's just that we are two different people.

Do i love him too? Yes. Do i respect him? Yes. Do i respect them? Yes.

w/ love
lindha jacobsson sagum

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