Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Couldn't Capture Death by Sophie Calle.

“On 15 February last year I received two simultaneous phone calls. One told me that I had been invited to exhibit at Venice. The other was from my mother: she had a month to live. I wanted to be there when she died, but everybody said: she will go when you leave the room, when you’ve wandered into the kitchen with a cup. So I set up a camera in her room and for 80 hours I stayed awake, changing the tape each hour, hoping to capture the moment of her death. It was impossible: I couldn’t tell the moment. When I told my mother about Venice, she said: ‘to think that I won’t be there’. But she will be: my film shows the last 20 minutes of her life, it’s called Couldn’t Capture Death.”

This was Sophie Calle's contribution to this years Venice Biennale. it is available on YouTube to veiw, but it's so sad, so I decided to just show you an image.

For me this is the Ultimate of Sadness. So for me to just read what Miss Calle has been through makes me cry.

Very Beautiful. Very honest and insightful.

love to you.


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