Sunday, March 09, 2008

Do I Love Her still? YES!

the voice here. ohlalalala. Proud Mary.

Please LISTEN. Amazing. When she was around 14-15 she actually sang in a rockband. Did you know? Well, here you can tell.

Next: U2's PRIDE:

Ok. Now I AM shivering. She cuts through my heart. She is a part of me and who I became when i was little/ young. Carola: I Love You! WorldClass Talent.

2 Personalities: Carola with Marit Bergman doing a cover of Waterloo (Abba):

Funny!!! hihi.


Love the Green Outfit!!!

Here; I wanted to BE her, 1983. HUNGER:

In 1986 she made an Album (The Runaway)that The Begees Produced and wrote. This was the first that came out of that:

as you can see, it's in Florida/ US.

One more from that album: Lost in the Crowd:

This song touches me. I don't know why. The Girl Who had Everything:

Carola you just ROCK!!!

25 Years as an Artist and Rolemodel for so many. CONGRATULATIONS. We are many who loves you!!

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