Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Exhibit: Dear Nike

In a press release sent out to Stockholm's media world say's that this collaboration was between the photographer and the model. One correction: it was a collaboration between the photographer, model AND the stylist as it says on Martin Vallin's (the photographer) website as well. This info went missing for some reason.

It was an experiment on how we nowadays mix art with commerce.This mixed with playing around on the subject, can fashion/photography/ clothing be art? For this to happen the stylist is needed. So it all was about the collaboration between the 3 of us.

Each week of Fall 2007 we had a new theme, they all started from the theme of the clothing, then the photographer and model created around that.

I am including here an image, that I found on Martin's website which is also my favorite. It show's the talent of the 3 of us.

Credit: Silk printed dress by Hugo Boss.

Linda Portman Sagum

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Pascale Schwander Taylor said...

Very nice pictures!!!