Monday, June 30, 2008

Family and Friends

I have some really good ones in my life.

My friends sort of add up by the years that go by.

When I was little I had the ones that sort of came my way (and they are still with me....), their names are Sabina and Therese.

After that, the closest ones tended to be the ones I worked with or some others I met in church (redeemer in NY City).

The former ones I met in New York, Camilla Slertman and Timothy Nazzaro. In Sweden, they are Martina Olsson (you know you're my love dear, always) and Her man Mr. Johan Miderberg.

The latter, one of them is Elizabeth Cochet.

I Know They are Through Thick and Thin. In Other words, Forever. Together with my Sabina and my Therese.

It's important to value the ones you have in your life. I too happen to have the Best mom in the world. I happen to have the Best Ever Aunt in the world. I did have the Best Grand Father in This World, Birger.

I'm being soft now. Don't know why. I just feel like I am Not grateful enough. Working on that. Please work on that you too.

w/ love

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