Monday, October 06, 2008

Alexander McQueen S/S 2009 by Peter

The stock market is dropping like a Prada model, my dear readers. I may need to soon bolt for a cabin in the Shawangunks with my krugerrands and beloved thirty-odd-six (Dick Cheney and I used to have a share together, but last visit he started to get a little handsy). Fortunately Alexander McQueen put out some nice gold-lame wood-print camouflages for Spring '09 to provide us refugees with an appropriate city-to-country transition:

Oh, I shouldn't be so sarcastic. Toning down shiny metallics with woodsy whirling is original, and it works. This ain't no disco lame, this ain't no fooling around. It's both sophisticated and groovy.

And here, preserved for posterity, are a few pre-stock market crash hemlines and transparencies. It was one of McQueen's great strengths this season, presenting groovy psychedelia with a socialite-safe finish: and, its edginess is not diminished by adaptation.

Innocent country print, McQueen badass cross.

A great way to wear rocker leather pants, lended elegance with a Gothic long trench. The trench and embroidery ennoble the leather pants, the pants modernize the Gothic. Fittingly, we end our review with the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.

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