Friday, November 21, 2008


I grew up with a Lot of People loving me more than anything else. Here they all are (we'll one Very important one is missing, Marina, my aunt.....). I was a Very happy child. I felt more secure and loved than most children, at least the ones around me.

As a teenager I had a strong sense of knowing/ belief that if one truly loves someone, the love comes back. You just have to wait it out. Then it will come true.

It did always (as I can remember now) happen. But it did not always work out.....

Today, I am unsure. But of course I Wish I still had that strong sense of knowing as I did as a child/ teenager. It's really a Strengh.

That strengh though of security and feeling loved that way, has taken me all over the world.



Anonymous said...

i really admire that strength of yours. -meiling:)

Alice Saga said...

Hi Dear!!