Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm about to move country, again. And I feel Very happy about it. It's been sooo long for me to be in this place called Stockholm, I have really Not liked it to be honest.

My hope has been in my imagination, the one world I call Wonderland.

Finally, I am ready for a "real" place. Somewhere my soul gets some inspiration, inspiration for me to survive. Just to survive my life, personality, hope and spirit.

This year of 2009, will start something new for me.

Hope you all have made your resolutions and promises to yourselves.

w/ love
(me in Rochas flowery silk dress and Linda Farrow glasses by artist Polina Barsky)


i.d. said...

How very exciting!!! I wish you all the best with the move. xx

Alice Saga said...

Thank you My Dear Irma!!!

I wish you a beautiful 2009.

r said...

best of luck with your move!

Alice Saga said...

Thank you R!!!

polina barskaya said...

Hey! Where did you move? Email me!
Polina Barsky