Saturday, January 03, 2009

Same Procedure as Last Year?

Dinner for One!! Grevinnan och Betjanten.

This is my Favorite sketch ever. Absolutely!! I have seen it a million times.



Anonymous said...

nice blog..

ASailorStoleMyHeart said...

i was browsing through blogs and stumbled across this!
my german friend was describing to me what she did on new years eve and was talking about dinner for one and 'same procedure as last year?'
she was surprised that noone in england had seen it
are you german?
apparently its played every year!?

so i will proceed to watch it now!

your blog is lovely by the way
very inspiring

thank you x

Alice Saga said...

I'm Swedish and they have shown it there every new years since I was a child and long before I was born. I just laugh so hard every time at the butler. I Love the butler.

Thanks to both of you. Makes me happy when someone enjoys my blog.