Sunday, February 15, 2009

Behind the scenes of Camera Girl!

The shoot to place today with a Darling Emma K/ IMG!!

Photographer: Martina Olsson
Stylist: Linda Portman Sagum
Creative: Johan Miderberg



Rita said...

Jag älskar att du har använt vingen till klänningen sàhâr.... det är exact vad jag vill att stylister ska vàga göra.... PUSSSSSSS Jag älskar stylingen och glasögonen och skorna och allt :) ser ut och bli en nice story....

Alice Saga said...

Love you my Dear!!!

Sa Glad att du gillar. Just den bilden som Martina har tagit, ar Sjukt Cool!!! du kommer gilla.


Alice X said...

Hi alice, I just found your blog today, I'm alice too:) emma's STUNNING, i'm just curious what you do becuase working on a shoot seems beyond amazing.

Alice Saga said...

Hi Alice,

I work with my sister Linda!!!

If you have no experience in this field, the best way to start is to assist the photographer or stylist. Or if you are into hair/make you assist that stylist.

I'll check your blog!!


Alice Saga said...

Plus since you are so young, you can intern with a stylist, photographer or at a magazine's fashion department.

lauren said...

Excuse me, i just want to telle you that there is a problem on your blog...
I LOVE IT but sometimes i can't see it... It desapeared!!!!
Would you, please, check what is wrong because i am so "désolée" and hangry when i can't get it!

Thank you verry much!lauren (belgium)

textile Voltaire said...

Very interesting, the back scene is necesary too.


Alice Saga said...

Dear Lauren:

I am not really sure what is wrong.

I know someone "flagged" my blog, and I am Not sure why? I mean my blog is just cute.

Other from that, it might be an advertiser who takes up too much space, And I've Just got rid of that. So Hopefully that is the problem.

W/ love

The Cherry Blog said...

I love seeing behind the scene at shoots. I wish I could have that as a job! plus your models hair colour made me swoon! x

Alice Saga said...

you're so sweet!!!


w/ love