Friday, February 06, 2009

In the Ceiling Shines the Stars....

- Do you see them?


-Be patient. Try Harder. One day you Will, and When you do, you'll know that I will be up there waiting. For You!

I taket lyser stjärnorna by Lisa Siwe (from a book by Johanna Thydell with the same name)

his part of the movie above is when Jenna's mother is dying, they are lying together in a hospital bed and Jenna wonders what happens now?

Jenna is 17 years old, she only has her mother, they do not know who the father is since she was created in France after a bar round. Her mother never found out who he was since she did not know his last name. Her mother is now dying! And Jenny is basically all alone, except a grandmother. At the same time Jenna tries to live a life trying to forget about this fact, she meets a new friend, the cool girl in school who turns out to be the best thing happening to Jenna at this point in her life.

It's too about boys, parties and having fun with your friends. Finding herself as a teen. Finding out about new things, what makes her laugh.

I must say! This movie was simply put Amazing. Josephine Mattson (Jenna) is a Natural, she actually has no experience before this movie. I laughed hard and Cried hard.

The music too, was perfectly chosen for the mood of the storyline.

I thought about a scene is Lukas Moodysson's Mammoth:

Child: Did you know that all is created from the stars?

Nanny: I don't believe in that, I believe in the Bible.

Child: But what if God created the stars and then everything happened after that?

Nanny: True, I have not thought about it that way before.

I, me, want to think this is true and wish that after this life, we'll all become beautiful stars looking down at the ones still here, knowing that we'll all meet again.


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