Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dolce Gabbana F/W 2009 Fashion Show Review

Quirky, Fun and Beautifully created. Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana are on a roll. I Love their D&G collection and simply put I am Stunned by their creativity come Fall 2009 and their Dolce Gabbana RTW collection.

an 80's touch I'm feeling ( a modern Dynasty Alexis) together with an 1800th century beauty (I should Say with a Marie Antoinette sense) . With the Matador as companion.....Oh and the Glamour, yes yes yes yes yes! And did I mention Minnie Mouse? Or Anita in La Dolce Vita? Or Marilyn Monroe?

Or maybe just, GIVE ME the fucking CAKE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

I Loved it!! LOVED IT!
(images from Style.com)


Katie said...

There are a few really nice designs there, its all montone...quite different but still good :)

Alice Saga said...

I want to have my hands on those designs. Now!!!