Friday, March 13, 2009

Mr. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton F/W 2009 Fashion Show

What is Not to Love here?

Amazing clothing with darling shoes & boots, hats, jewelry and bags. Can a woman ask for more? or a man ask of a woman?

This collection is compelling to Both the girl and the woman. Excellence. That balance is Very difficult to create and most designers fail this. But Marc is doing it so effortless.

Of course Everything in highest quality in both fabric and tailoring. Cool yet refined, romantic yet rough. Hair and make to perfection.

Loved the black culottes on Raquel Zimmerman.

I have a secret love for Marc Jacobs ( I actually don't think he knows this), I've been in this state of mind, since the 90's..... he just seems to have the secret gloves that never creates any wrong.

AND yes, I just did burn my food and destroyed the pan....because too much excitement over a fashion show. Ohalalala!!!

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Tulip Press said...

Love it! But, not what I expected from Marc Jacobs. Do you find this a departure too?


Alice Saga said...

Maybe a little bit, but most of all I think it's his creativity evolving into more of a mature woman.

But I loved this collection so much more in comparison to his last s/s 2009 collection, that one I thought was a departure.