Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspiration Now!

Natalia Vodianova by Carter Smith.

(sorce: tfs)


Anonymous said...

These photos are so whimsical! How fabulous...

Forgetmenot said...

wow I really like the way you can find the artistic on nude photos or exposed boobs. when i find that sort of stuff on the internet, i just classify them as "porno" or something, but in your blog they just seem different... more like natural than playboy. Thanks for this! ;)

victoria thorne said...

how does she do it? she can look so much like so many different spirits...it's quite amazing to me...what a gift

Alice Saga said...

I have no Idea how she does it Victoria. Soo amazing.

Thank you Forget me Not.

My faves here are the 2 at the top, which I've blogged before. I keep on repeating them because I just Love those 2.


Ithaka Roddam Photography said...

Hi Alice, my name is Ithaka Roddam, I absolutely love your blog! I am a photography student in my second year at the University of the Arts LCC. I always love all the photographs you post, I think I have very similar taste to yours, I read that you were a stylist and were eventually starting a magazine, i would love to help out in anyway, or maybe collaborate for a shoot. this is my blog with some of my fashion and portrait images. ithakaroddamphotograhy.blogspot.com , if you are interested pl have a look.

Thanks Ithaka

Alice Saga said...

Dear Ithaka:

i think you've send me the wrong link.

It does not work.


Ithaka Roddam Photography said...

Hi, i'm sorry about, hope this works.


hope you like

Alice Saga said...

You are Such a Darling.

yes I like.


Cherie said...

Can you tell me what editorials these pictures are from??
Would really appreciate it!

Alice Saga said...

I Think it is French Vogue.

But I am not sure, sorry.