Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Weekend

was fabulous!!

I went to meet my new girlfriend, Jennie, in an Isabel Marant white cotton dress and Lovisa Burfitt black felt jacket with my darling sunglasses from Screaming Mimi's (my favorite vintage store in New York).

We went to see Elizabeth Peyton's exhibit at Sadie Coles gallery in London. Which I fell in love with. Her use of color is simply put amazing. And very inspiring.

Then went on to dangerous territory, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga...I found a dress....that I of course can NOT afford. And cried a tiny bit. A wonderful pink satin dress at Marc Jacobs. And I decided, to not buy Anything until I can afford his clothes.....we'll see about that.

We went on to this wonderful cafe, which I can not for my life remember the name of, but it is on South Audley Street in London. The waitress walked like the servant in Dinner for One. Ohalalala!!! hilarious. And we got Cream Tea and then Lots Lots of wine. And had the best long talk I've had in a long time.


(images taken with my phone...)


Rita said...

Sounds sooo goooood...
Great weekend ....

Alice Saga said...

it was!!! she is SO sweet and Fun.