Sunday, May 24, 2009


The new issue of PHOTO is out!!

Stunning cover as shot by Patrick Demarchelier with one of his muses: Natacha Poly.

Some ideas for exhibitions one can view now is:

Bob Carlos Clarke at The Little Black Gallery in New York until the 3rd of July.

A memorial tribute to Helen Levitt at Laurence Miller Gallery in New York. It will present a series of passages, in both color and black-and-white, from her extraordinary 70-year career. Featured will be her pictures of animals, which were among her earliest as well as last pictures taken; a little-known series of portraits taken on the subway using Walker Evans’ camera; children’s street drawings; elderly folks in conversation; and children at play, the photographs for which she is most well-known. Helen Levitt’s classic and rarely seen silent film, In the Street, from 1944, will be shown as well.

and we missed Hellen van Meene at Yancey Richardson's Gallery. But I think one could go (again if in New York) and explore this wonderful gallery.

and honestly So Much More. I'll do a part 2.

Buy it HERE.

(images: 1 cover of the June issue of Photo, 2-4 Bob Carlos Clarke, 5-12 Helen Levitt, 13 Hellen van Meene.

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