Friday, May 08, 2009

Vikor and Rolf to Create the Costumes for the Opera “Der Freischutz”

Viktor and Rolf are currently working with the director and artist Robert Wilson for whom they are creating the costumes for an upcoming production of the romantic opera “Der Freischutz” (The Freeshooter) by Carl Maria Von Weber at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in Germany.

Der Freischütz is based on an old German tradition that seven unerring bullets may be obtained by selling one's soul to the Demon Hunter. Redemption can only be achieved by providing another victim within the appointed term.

I can Not wait for more images of the creations V&R are working on.

Enjoy this for now.

(source: German Opera 101 and The New York Times)


Forgetmenot said...

ok, opera is not AT ALL my favorite music or art in general, but maybe if we cut out the shrieking people this could be perfect!

Alice Saga said...

hahahaha!!! you are funny. But probably true.


Rita said...

This looks like something I could create for an Opera :) I like

Rita said...


Alice Saga said...

actually!!!! SO TRUE my rita. SO TRUE.