Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I went to Berlin last month to style an Advertorial for the department store, Quartier 206 and Lurve Magazine's second issue which comes out in August.

It was wonderful.

The photographer was Kate Bellm and the model was Wonderful Daul Kim.

Quartier 206 is an amazing department store, the architecture is beautiful. The two top images is of the store. I actually stayed right next door to it.

Then I had a tiny bit of time to look around Berlin.

Too had time for Starbucks coffe. Or quite a lot acutally...!!!

Enjoy my Berlin and Behind the Scenes of the shoot.

w/ love


Kay Bee said...

I love Daul Kim!!!! I saw the cover for this issue of Lurve and I'm totally in love. I can't wait until it reaches the states so I can see your ed!!

Alice Saga said...

Daul was a sweetheart. Wise beyond her years.