Monday, August 24, 2009

Diary 1

10 Things You Did Not Know About Me:

1 After my second year in College I was voted Student of the Year by the teachers of the school and ended up on the President's list being the one with the highest grade point average.

2 In High School I had the highest grade in Chemistry and Math...!!! ohlala.

3 Some jobs I've had: Cleaning trains and hotels, Receptionist at a driving school, delivered newspapers, worked in a hamburger restaurant and in a candy store.

4 I've been in love with: Anders, Lasse (first kiss), 3 Peter's, Joachim (first something else), Raphael, Malcolm, Ian and most recently I have a crush (can't name a name in case someone get who it is..). Joachim and Malcolm being the ones most important.

5 When I was younger I thought that if you loved someone and the love was "true", you would get the one and only eventually. It actually Always worked out that way for me until one day I got crushed and lost faith.

6 I have been an Au Pair in upstate New York and there I managed to have 4 families over 5 weeks. hahaha!!! young and restless. I ended up in Detroit where I had one family for 2 months, WoW don't you think?!

7 I danced for around 10 years and I did compete in a dance competition in Los Angeles in the genre, Hip Hop. Can you imagine??? I certainly can not. Who was that person??

8 If I had been born a boy, my name would have been Peter. Actually that was my first line to one of the Peter's above...! And I used to think I would get married to a Peter just because of this.

9 I have 2 mothers (not lesbians...but if that would have been the case it would have been fine)

10 I wanted to BE Lena Philipsson when I was younger and I am still Very Much Adoring her. I Still wish I did look like her when she was competing with Om Igen ( a fave song of mine as well) at the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest finals. Fave color: Lilac. See below:



kat said...

hi alice, i have been reading your blog a lot lately and i love love love it! anyway i'm currently searching hardcore for a family to be an au pair for in new york city. any tips? i'm on a website but i've almost exhausted my options...

Alice Saga said...

Oh Dear Kat:

It was such a long time ago I was an Au Pair plus I don't think I am the best person to give tips on it.

I think you should just go with a well respected agency that handles these things.

Try not to do it illegally, like a lot of girls do.

If you can, it's great if you have a friend or alike in New York who knows about a family that needs an au pair/ babysitter.

I used to check the Swedish church on their bulletin board (i'm swedish) and their was always families that needed help with their children.

Also Swedish people have a site called International Swedes that I used to check for info and ask for help.

I don't know where you come from, but maybe your country has similar things? or are you american?

I do Not trust Craig's list.

Be careful.