Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diary 2

One of the Peter's on my list in Diary 1, is acutally now one of my Dearest of friends. And he do collaborate with me here on Wonderland once in a while.

He sent me this yesterday from and old diary note he had saved:

"saturday night i call alice up to confirm plans to attend a sunday holiday concert at a church uptown. she answers in that singsongy way, "you are calling very late!" and it was like 8 o'clock. she was out drinking with some swedish photographer so she ditched him & then proceeds to get drunk in my company - she was feeling down because it was st. lucia day and she wasn't home. so it hits that point where's it's like as a guy you know you've got to take her back to your apt to take care of her in case she passes out and at the same time knowing nothing is going to happen. back at my apt building, in the hall, i'm talking to her and my neighbor comes down, sees me embracing this hot swedish girl, shakes his head smiling and says, "happy chanukah." the next morning she wakes me up at 6 AM with, "We get up now!" i didn't even tell you about her drunken foray through Key Food ("no i want chicken! no not that chicken! no don't make it with cheese! let's go down this aisle instead!") w/me in tow."

hahaha!!! Oh those memories...!

Much Love To You!! I Miss Our Times.


Anonymous said...

Peter is cute..../BMS

Alice Saga said...

eller hur!!! min alskade mamma!!!/pusspuss