Tuesday, September 01, 2009

To Be Adored!

A while ago I blogged about this talented designer at my Coquette blog! Now I found proper images of her designs on her lovely website: I Love TBA and wanted to tell you about her here as well.

Urban Outfitters and ASOS is/ will be carrying her First Fall 2009 collection featuring Adorable dresses that She makes me Want, Crave and Lust!

Such Talent....... She dares to design clothes meant to be Adored in.....as you will be, in her stunningly whimsically created collection.

I'll just mention where she was taught for a second: Alexander McQueen.......Marcheesa. The former to be my God (if I had Not the other one...) and the latter for designing dresses that makes women goddesses. Need I say more?

The debut collection focuses on easy shaped dresses, romantically structured in luxurious silk fabrics. The graceful tailoring is given a delicious twist with quirky detailing including intricate, handmade rauleaux loop collars and exposed golden zip closures.


Do I love this collection? YES. I am Waiting to see this Darling's Future. That of BinBin's.



Forgetmenot said...

and I certainly ADORE it

Alice Saga said...

J'adore the 2 top ones the most. She is so talented. Being her debut collection.