Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daul Kim

in an Acne dress, Fogal socks, Beyond Retro hat and Charlotte Olympia platform shoes.
Photographer: Me
Stylist: Linda Portman Sagum
Model: Daul Kim/ Marilyn

I will print out one of these two for my first ever portfolio. Can not decide for which one..!!

I want to stress that I am a Beginner!! Feel free to criticize, BUT if you do please do so constructively ( I will listen..)!! It's just not cool to just say that something is ugly which some anonymous people feels that they have the right to do.

To be honest, I have no idea what I am doing just yet!! And I have zero knowledge on how to work on the I am sure you can's all raw material.

Most of my photographs has been taken when I have been with my sister Linda on her shoots with "real" photographers. That is how I have managed to take photos of This Darling Daul Kim for example ( no I did Not book her myself for a test...)!!

A tiny bit of work can be seen here: Alice Solantania Saga

When I get back my harddrive (my old baby computer died...and I have yet to retrieve all my images from the Mac store), I will probably post lots more of my photos over the past 2 years then.


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