Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little Talk with To Be Adored's founder and designer Bin Bin

This spring I went to a press day that Urban Outfitters had and I saw this one dress that I fell madly in love fact I fell in love with all the pieces from this one designer who had named her collection Perfectly for its look: To Be Adored!

I did get the pleasure to ask Bin Bin of TBA some questions!

1 Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a small town in south China call Guilin, it's a pretty little town with the best rice noodle in the world which I miss very much.

2 When and/ or what made you decide to enter the Fashion World? and to choose the creative world of being a Fashion Designer?
Since I was about 8, I used save up all my pocket money to buy ELLE which was the first western fashion magazine to break into China.
During my school lessons I would daydream and try to predict what people would wear in the future. I'd illustrate and date the pictures hoping that when the styles did become fashionable I'd be able to show people that I was right! I remember one thing that I drew which I called Bread Shoes - it was a cross-over between loafer bread platforms and pyjama shoes.

3 What experience do you have prior to starting up your company TBA (To Be Adored)?
I worked as design assistant at Marchesa and Alexander McQueen as well as at Two Agent See with my mentor Donna Kernan who I think
has such great fashion sense and taught me so much.

4 What inspired your Fall 2009 collection?
I adore girls who enjoy wearing simple, demure clothes with a sprinkle of fairy tales and tried to reflect that in my AW09 collection.

5 Where can the ones who Adore your collection find your designs?
ASOS, Urban outfitters, Miss Lala and Labour of Love all have my first collection. SS10 seems to have been really well received by buyers and will be stocked in lots more places including Brown Thomas in Ireland and Pixie Market in LA. We will update the stockist info on our website
very soon. (

6 What were you inspired by for S/S 2010?
I tried to keep the mood light for SS10 with a subtle 60s vibe with plenty of cute and quirkly antique details combined with a hint of 1920's flapper style.

7 Are you now already thinking of Fall 2010?
A bit of a contrast. It is going to be a fairy tale again but this time all gone a little bit twisted and wrong.

8 Favorites? Just about anything, you choose!!!
Color: navy, gold...depends on my mood.
Designer :Alber Elbaz
Fashion icon: Camille Bidault Waddington
Music: Anything that mark lamarr play on his radio show
Artist : My husband who can draw the best chicken-o-saurus in the world!

9 If you were to give advice to someone wanting to become a fashion designer, what would that be?
Work super hard and follow your instinct.

Thank you for your time and hope to speak/ see you soon again.

To Be Adored

The looks above is what is out in stores now! And they are from Darling Bin Bin's website which you can go to by clicking the link above.

w/ love

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