Friday, November 20, 2009

Daul Kim

lost her life yesterday! So Sad...She was Such A Brightly Beautiful and Kind Young Girl.

Details of her death is yet to be released.

Let's all have her, her family and friends in our thoughts/ prayers.

Much Love
Alice Solantania Sagum and Lindha Portman Sagum


JY said...

I heard that news today's mornig. I was shocked. I'm korean n she is Korean. So I know well she had very talent in korea shows n shows of uk & paris. it's sad.

K. said...

This is so sad. In last entry on her blog she wrote "say hi to forever".I hope she found peace.

Alice Saga said...

It's sort of unreal!

I really do hope that as you say K., that she has found peace!

JY, I worked with her one day this past may, and she was Wonderfully talented Plus a Very Smart young lady. I don't know much about korean people, i do know that you are a country full of beautiful people (that is what Daul told me..)/xx

JY said...

did u work with her? Wow Awesome. I wanna see works made by u & Daul.

Alice Saga said...

I did work with her in May! She was a Darlingly Kind Girl..! Wise beyond her years.

I will show my own photos when I am ready! And I will say some personal thoughts about her when i feel it is proper.