Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I LOVE.....Sandra Beijer of Nio till Fem

I thought I would give you some of my loves ones in a while, the blogs/ websites I actually read almost every day:)

Sandra Beijer's blog for the Swedish paper Metro is one of those. Her blog is called Nio till Fem ( Nine to Five) and is basically about her Beautiful Wonderful life, she it Overly cute too! And a Wonderfully Wonderful dresser. Full of Glorious Food as well.


(all images from Nio till Fem)


Harriet said...

I think Sandra is actually pretty much my favourite blogger ever (although I say that about almost every blog I follow!). She always makes her life seem fun and beautiful, and she has such great style!

Alice Saga said...

I may agree:) she is A Beautiful Life in my eyes.

sandra said...

thank you so much!

Alice Saga said...

Darling: jag hade ingen aning att du skulle fa syn pa detta.

hur som helst, din blog ar Underbart fin.