Sunday, November 01, 2009

My September and Oktober...

from my Wonderful BlackBerry!

Inspirations mixed with Life.

Top to Bottom: Selfridges at Halloween, my Diana camera, my london fashion week pass, my home, me.., my local hangout Franklins and my darling Tony, me.., 2 images from the Twiggy exhibit at The Portrait Gallery in London, Inspiration from old Self Service magazine, me at Cafe Rouge Loving my new Magazines and my Merlot, Skyping with my Darling Friend Timothy Nazzaro (Such a Cutie), 3 images from the newest Self Service magazine, the wolf in the forest is from American Vogue, the cute text from the newest Lula magazine, Darling Nell from Blow Pr during fashion week taking well care of me, me having a sunday afternoon with as many newspapers as possible with some Chardonnay!

Lindha Portman Sagum


Rita said...

This was fun :) keep it coming..... Kisses Rita

Alice Saga said...

love you;)