Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wonderful Pieces at Blow Pr for S/S 2010

I LOVE Darling Nell of Blow Pr!

Here are some of my faves for S/S 2010 that she showed me the other week on Blow's press day:)

Top to bottom: 1&2 dresses by Bora Aksu, 3 dress by Fam Irvoll, 4 shoulder adornment by Little Shilpa, 5 by wonder Charlie Le Mindu, 6 mini dress by Iris van Herpen, 7 bag with "legs" by Mr. Charlie Le Mindu, 8 gold bodysuit by Qasimi, 9 Head piece by J Smith Esquire and skirt by Omer!


Brooke X said...

Dear Santa,
Could your elves sew me the gold bodysuit for XMas?? I've been soooo good. xoxo

Alice Saga said...

hahahaha! Love My Brooke!