Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Diary 10

Enjoy my Behind the Scenes images:)

I will tell you more/ and show you the finished material when it's published next year. This is a visual diary of my Saturday and Sunday!

The darling in the shoots...she is Kim Glaser @ Next. Can't wait to work with her again:)



Lisa said...

Can you share who made/sells those fabu purple pants?

Alice Saga said...

of course I can.

It's PPQ s/s 2010 pants.

They are Adorably Amazing, don't you think?


Chase Wolcott said...

Diary10-beautiful like a canapy of the heavens

Alice Saga said...

that sounds adorable:)


Brooke X said...

I want these pants!! xoxo Love, your Bishop drink partner

Alice Saga said...

Darling Madame X:

We could ask to buy the sample when the season is over if you'd like?

love from your partner in crime:)

Rita said...

can't wait to see this story..... Hugs dear

Alice Saga said...

many hugs back:)