Wednesday, December 16, 2009

North Pond by Timothy Nazzaro

I have so many cute stories about/ with my dear friend Timothy Nazzaro. These ones will be told one day in the future. We created our first fashion tests together in New York. He sort of defines me and my way of styling. He taught me how I love to work.

This film is his first short film. From the trailer, I can see that he uses his signature black and white together with his vision of life/ style. When I am in doubt, I go to Mr. Nazzaro for good advice....this film I am sure will deliver a message from him worth listening to....Me myself have been listening for/ to his advice since we got to know each other in 2002....!

I can't believe this is his first short film...! The talent of his always stunns me.

Darling: Can't wait to be with you/ create with you again. Sooooon!

Go Here for the Trailer: North Pond by Timothy Nazzaro starring Mickey Sumner and Matthew Linn Hopkins.


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