Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rita Saardi!

There is NO secret that I adore my Darling Rita Saardi....!!! it's sort of been mentioned here a million times.

Just found and "stole" these images from her blog: Rita Saardi's Mood:)

Not Without My Lingerie!

Yes, we DO have a Very Talented designer to keep our eyes open to!

I Love You My Darling Rita.



~kristie~ said...

lovely pics!


valncami said...

Lover her too! Fabulous designer.

Mo said...

flowers+lingerie = loveliness

xoxo Mo

Alice Saga said...

she deserves all the attention that she can get!

happy you guys like:)


Rita said...

I click on your blog to check your news and I find this..... you're too sweet.... thank you my dear.... :)
Gives me some energy to finish what I'm working on right now and start on a new collection monday maybe.... :) Kisses

Alice Saga said...

I am so happy this gave you some energy:)

Much Love to My Rita!!!!