Saturday, December 05, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Me and my sister Linda Portman Sagum work quite hard to put quality work/ inspirations up here on my Alice in Wonderland. If you by chance likes a lot of what we blog and blog it for your own blog, can you Please credit/ link to us? Especially when I have credited a whole team and you reblog images that belong to us, can you make sure that you credit the team? If not, I prefer Not for you to blog my images.


( All images shot by Saga Sig. Styled by Linda Portman Sagum. Model is Julia S/ mandpmodels)


rkm. said...

gosh, what an amazing shooting!!

love your blog and the name of it! i'm such a huge alice fan :)

greez from austria,

Alice Saga said...

Thank you So Much:) you made my day dear.

much love to you!

Saga said...

So happy with this shoot... getting amazing feedback about it :) I have seen it all over the internet and yess not always credits :(

Alice Saga said...

Saga: We are a Perfect Match.....!!!!

This story turned out to be amazing but also our secret garden is such and amazing story and it's one of my favorites.

I hope you and I get to work Very Soon together again:)

w/ love