Monday, January 25, 2010

Diary 13

I usually take a walk in the sort of makes me happy...yesterday morning I realized that I was proud of myself for some weird have gone from my small town in Sweden directly to New York only to move to Stockholm and then on to's not always easy to move like this since it will give you long times of being very as I am proud of what I have accomplished these last 10 years (both by taking the leap moving and career wise) I am too a little bit sad since my best of friends are not with me....I mean they are not in the same city as me, but spread out all over the world...I have yet again to build up a new life which is slowly happening but I want/ Need it Now Please.


The movies: Pairs Je t'aime and The Lepoard
Susan Sontag's On Photography
The Horros and Abba
A shoot full of pastels and whites:)
French Fries
Perfecting my French...!!!
Some interviews for various magazines (I'll keep you posted)
This Photo shown.

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K. said...

I know exactly how it feels. I also wait for things to happen and suffer from loneliness from time to time. My beloved Marylin Monroe once said “I restore myself when I'm alone”.I try to keep that in mind:).xx

Alice Saga said...

You are Such A Sweetheart my dear.

Your comment is comfort.